Armenian T-72 tanks to be upgraded to T-72B3 locally
Aviation & Air Defense

Croatia receives OH-58D Kiowa choppers

August 4, 2016 Defense Watch 0

The first batch of Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters were delivered to the Croatian Air Force at the end of last month. The batch comprised of five helicopters and one simulator, which were delivered on board […]

Russian 1st Guards Tank Army to receive 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled howitzers | Defense Watch

S-60 AA gun crane-lift fail

August 3, 2016 Defense Watch 0

Syrian Arab Army personnel trying to lift an S-60 57mm AA gun ends in failure, as it is spotted by a rebel ATGM crew and eventually hit. We’re not sure the technique used to lift […]

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