Boeing to provide radars to Saudi Arabia’s F-15SA fighter jets

Boeing to provide radars to Saudi Arabia's F-15SA fighter jets

Boeing will provide additional AN/APG-63(V) radars to Saudi Arabia’s F-15SA aircraft under an $18 million contract that it received.

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The contract covers three of the radars, and follows Saudi Arabia’s recent commissioning of F-15SA fighter jets in January. The planes feature updated avionics, active electronically scanned array, or AESA, radars, and ASM-135 missiles.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, work on the contract will take place in Forest, Miss., and is expected to be complete by March 2017.

The contract is comprised entirely of foreign military sales to Saudi Arabia. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at the Robins Air Force Base in Georgia is listed as the contracting activity.

The American-developed F-15SA Strike Eagle is Saudi Arabia’s newest multirole fighter and is the Saudi variant of the Boeing-made F-15, a twin-engine tactical fighter initially developed for air supremacy missions. Currently, the plane is also fitted with ground attack capabilities.

The Royal Saudi Air Force operates 70 F-15S Eagles and is due to receive 82 F-15SAs under a $29 billion contract.