Video: Syrian Army’s newly-delivered T-62M tank targeted by ISIS ATGM

Video: Syrian Army's newly-delivered T-62M tank targeted by ISIS ATGM

One of the T-62M tanks that were recently delivered to the Syrian Army was targeted by ISIS anti-tank missile near mount Tiyas, east of T4 airbase.

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The Syrian Army and its allies have launched a counter-attack on ISIS in the area surrounding the T4 airbase, after the militant group reached the outskirts of the airbase as a result of Syrian Army collapse in Palmyra.

The T-62M was introduced into service with the Russian Armed Forces in 1983. The tank is fitted with the Sheksna (US designation AT-12 Swinger) laser beam-riding missile system, passive armor protection, a V-55U engine and the R-173 communications system.