Turkey and Britain sign £100m fighter jet deal during PM May’s visit

Turkey and Britain sign £100m fighter jet deal during PM May's visit

Britain and Turkey have signed a £100m fighter jet deal during British Prime Minister May’s visit to Ankara on Saturday.

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Under the defense deal, BAE Systems and Turkish Aerospace Industries signed a heads of agreement to establish a partnership to develop a new fighter jet, the TFX, which will replace Turkey’s existing US-made F-16s.

The initial contract is worth more than £100m but is seen as opening the door to greater co-operation on the project. Turkey has said it might buy 250 of the new aircraft, making the project potentially worth billions of pounds.

PM May said: “It marks the start of a new and deeper trading relationship with Turkey and will potentially secure British and Turkish jobs and prosperity for decades to come.”

The program could see the UK win contracts to provide engines, weapons, radars and sensors.