Turkey, Russia continue to conduct joint airstrikes against ISIS-held Al-Bab

Turkey, Russia resume joint airstrikes against ISIS-held Al-Bab

A statement released by the Turkish Armed Forces indicated that Turkish and Russian airstrikes struck ISIS positions near Syria’s Al-Bab, a town Turkey and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) elements have been trying to capture.

The statement released on Monday said that Turkish warplanes destroyed eight ISIS targets in al-Bab, Bzagah and Tadif, killing 22 ISIS militants on Suday, while Russian jets hit ISIS fighters in Dayr Kak, eight kilometers southwest of Al-Bab.

The Turkish Army has been trying to capture the northern Syrian town for the past two weeks, and has lost a handful of tanks and armored vehicles to ISIS ATGM hits. 

The statement added that the operation to capture Al-Bab is still ongoing.