Second Russian project 18280 intelligence ship ‘Ivan Khurs’ to be launched in 2017

Second Russian project 18280 intelligence ship 'Ivan Khurs' to be launched in 2017

The Project 18280 intelligence ship ‘Ivan Khurs’ will ready to sail in 2017 instead of fourth quarter of 2016 as it was reported earlier, according to the spokeswoman of Russia’s Northern Shipyard, Olga Danilevskaya.

The spokesman added, “We have taken into account a number of observations made by the crew of the lead vessel Yuri Ivanov. Work has been carried out to improve the vessel’s habitability and ergonomics. No serious modifications have been introduced to its design.”

It has been reported that no work is being carried out at the Northern Shipyard now to build the subsequent Project 18280 vessels that have been reported by media outlets.

The communications vessel Ivan Khurs is expected to be delivered to Russia’s Pacific Fleet. The Project 18280 communications ship is designed to ensure communications, command and control the fleet and conduct reconnaissance.

The first Project 18280 communications ship Yuri Ivanov was delivered to Russia’s Navy in late 2014.