Rebels in southern Syria show off Strela MANPADS

Rebels in southern Syria show off Strela MANPADS

Syrian rebels from a group called ‘Ansar El-Islam’ show off Strela-2 MANPADS during an interview with a pro-rebel media outlet.

The group is claimed to be operating in the Quneitra area near the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.

In the video, the rebels claim that they have ‘sufficient’ quantity of MANPADS and are working on training new operators.

It is not clear whether the MANPADS were delivered recently or were from existing Syrian Army stocks taken over by the group.

The Soviet-made Strela can be obtained with relative ease due to the vast number of operating countries, as it has seen widespread use in nearly every regional conflict since its introduction in 1968.

There are different variats of Strelas, with the ‘2M’ variant having the most firing range of 4,200 meters.