Russia to overhaul T-80 tanks back into service

Russia to overhauled T-80 tanks back into service


The Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to reactivate T-80BV tanks that were withdrawn from service previously. In the course of modernization, the tanks will receive a new fire control system and improved armor. Also, upgraded tanks consume less fuel. The renovated and modernized tanks will be transferred to the Russian military department in 2017.

The tanks will also receive new engines, the venerable”Sosna-U” day and night sight, a laser range finder and automatic target tracking. The tanks will be best suited for operation in harsh climatic conditions of the Far East, Siberia and the Arctic region.

The exact number of modernized tanks and schedule determined by the Ministry of Defense tasks.

The Russian Army currently has 3,000 T-80BVs, and another 200 T-80Us.