Turkey’s Altay tank program awaits government approval to start mass production

Turkey's Altay tank program awaits government approval to start mass production

(Hurriyet Newspaper)

Turkish defense manufacturer, Otokar has announced that it has completed a seven year prototype development process and will commence the mass production of 250 Altay main battle tanks as soon as it receives approval from Turkish authorities.

“We completed the prototype development process in seven years in accordance with the vision of both the government and the Defense Ministry to meet their tank needs through domestic means. Otokar made the offer to start mass production. We are waiting for approval and directives from the government, ministry and the Turkish Armed Forces,” said Koç Holding Vice Chair and Otokar Chair Ali Koç on Nov. 9.

Koç said the company completed all infrastructure planning and programming for mass production.

“As soon as we take a go, we will be able to start mass production in the following 18-22 months,” he said in a MÜSİAD press meeting at the High Tech Port in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s undersecretary for defense industries, İsmail Demir, told a news conference in Ankara that Turkey was in the final stages of evaluating a renewed offer from Otokar for its Altay tank project on Nov. 8.

Koç said the cancellation of the tender would extend the delivery of a domestic tank to the authorities by three or five years.

He also said the company had created a highly competitive tank both in quality and pricing in comparison to its counterparts.

After July’s failed coup in Turkey, the momentum of the Altay tank program has slowed down.