Ukrainian company presents new assault rifle

Ukrainian company presents new assault rifle

Ukraine’s SE Krasilov Aggregate Plant displayed a new locally-produced bullpup assault rifle at the ADEX defense expo at Baku. The rifle is a conversion of the venerable AK-74.

According to the manufacturer, around 200 Malyuk rifles have been delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces until now.

The rifle weighs 3.8 kg with no magazine intact, and features three Picatinny rails for mounting different types of optics and mechanical devices, such as sights, grip handle, and bipod.

The overall length of the rifle is approximately 710 mm. It feeds on 5,45/7,62 x 39 mm or 5,56 x 45 mm caliber ammunition. Its effective range is 500 meters with a firing rate of 660 rounds per minute. The magazines can take from 30 to 45 rounds. The magazine area is designed in such a way to fall down on its own as soon as the release button is pressed.

These Malyuk is claimed to have its recoil reduced by almost 50 percent compared to the Kalashnikov rifle.