Armenia’s Channel 1 visits Iskander and Smerch units

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Armenia’s channel 1 has released exclusive footage of their visit to Iskander and Smerch operating units in the Armenian Army.

During the interview, the Armenian Defense Minister pointed out that Iskander missiles have been acquired from Russia after intense negotiations. He added that Armenia’s priority is to maintain a qualitative advantage over the adversary.

One of the operators of the missile complex stated that Armenian personnel started training months before the missiles were acquired. He added that the personnel successfully hit targets at 250 km with circular error of less than 5 to 7 meters as they test-fired missiles during training.

On the night of April 3 (during the 4-Day in Nagorno-Karabakh), Iskander units were deployed and brought to the highest level of readiness. According to another operator, the units were ready to strike targets upon receiving orders.

Similarly, the BM-30 Smerch 300mm multiple rocket launcher systems were brought to their highest level of readiness according to another operator.

Both weapon systems have been in use with the Armenian Armed Forces for some time under complete secrecy, and were only revealed lately during the independence parade.