The French Army has chosen its next assault rifle

The French Army has chosen its next assault rifle |

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the French Army will acquire German-made HK 416 F assault rifles to replace the venerable FAMAS rifles whose manufacturing dates back to the 70’s. The decision was announced by the French Ministry of Defense.

Heckler & Koch has won the bid to provide approximately 100,000 assault rifles for 200 million Euros. The deliveries are scheduled for 2017 and will spread over ten years.

Other manufacturers that were competing in the tender were the Belgian FN Herstal, which proposed the Scar rifle, Italy’s Beretta with its ARX 160 rifle, the Swiss SIG Arms with the MCX, and finally Croatian HS Produkt with its VHS-2 rifle. All rifles went under vigorous testing, after which the HK 416 F was chosen. 

The French Ministry of Defense had an initial budget of 350 million Euros of which 150 million will be saved.