Royal Thai Navy receives new H145M helicopters

Royal Thai Navy receives new H145M helicopters

The Royal Thai Navy received five H145M light utility helicopters at U-Tapao airbase on September the 8th. The choppers are due to enter service in November to supplement and later replace six Bell 212 helicopters that have been in service since 1978.

The current task of the new H145Ms will be transportation, but it is not ruled out that they take the role of light attack helicopters in the future.

The H145M is equipped with a glass cockpit, night vision goggle compatibility and a Helionix avionics suite with a four-axis digital autopilot. The chopper also has target acquisition, laser targeting and reconnaissance system in the form of a chin-mounted L-3 Wescam MX-15. Its electro-optic and infrared cameras

Thailand has not yet purchased any armaments for its H145M fleet, but it plans to do so when funds become available.

Possible weapon system options for the H145M include a door-mounted 7.62mm M134 Minigun, while two removable multipurpose pylons can mount an FN Herstal HMP400 12.7mm machine gun pod, Nexter 20mm cannon pod, 70mm rocket pod or missiles.

Airbus Helicopters noted that the Royal Thai Navy is the first foreign customer for the H145M.