Joint Russian-Indian “Indra-2016” military drills to be held in Russia

Armenian T-72 tanks to be upgraded to T-72B3 locally

Russia and India will hold a joint military exercise codenamed “Indra-2016” in Primorye, Russia from September 23 to October 2, according to the press-service of the Russian Eastern Military District.

During the drills, Russia’s Eastern Military District and India’s Armed Forces will create a joint group for an operation to identify and eliminate hypothetical terrorist groups. Aviation and artillery units will be involved as well.

The total number of troops from both side will sum up to 500, in addition to 50 pieces of military equipment, drones, and army aviation.

Originally the exercise was scheduled for late August-early September, however it was postponed to the date mentioned above.

The “Indra” military exercises have been held on a yearly basis since 2003.