Russian and Iran discussing the redeployment of Russian bombers to Hamedan Airbase

Russian and Iran discussing the redeployment of Russian bombers
Russia is in talks with Iran to redeploy its jets and bombers to Hamedan airbase. The airbase was initially used for a short time in mid August, before a surprise Russian pullout after just one week of sorties.
This time though, Moscow and Tehran are planning to make changes to the airbase, which will improve its infrastructure according to the Russian Izvestiya newspaper.

The preparation and deployment of Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-34 jets and Tupoley Tu-22M3 long-range bombers is reported to take around a week, as Russia will be supplying the airbase land-based power-driven aircraft beacons, radio communications sets, fuel servicing trucks, electrical ground power units, avionics control and preflight systems and other land-based equipment.

“The most important step is to deploy enough air-launched weapons and loaders needed to load airborne weapons aboard the planes,” the source noted to Izvestiya, adding that special hangars to house the airplanes are not needed since the weather conditions are favorable.