Kalashnikov unveils an unmanned ground vehicle at “Army 2016” defense expo

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Kalashnikov, a company well known for its assault rifles, unveiled an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) during their participation in the “Army 2016” defense expo held in Moscow.

The Soratnik UGV is fitted with a computerized control system, in addition to detection and surveillance equipment. It is designed to carry out fire support, intelligence, security, patrol, mine clearance and obstacle clearing operations.

“Under the Kalashnikov brand for the first time we will show some developments in the field of robotics. This trend has added to the product portfolio of the group this year, and now we are actively developing”, recently declared the General Director of the concern Alexey Krivoruchk.

Kalashnikov has been trying to diversify its product like which is mainly made up of assault rifles. A high-speed boat made by the company was unveiled in July.