Iran has not deployed the S-300 air defense system around nuclear facility as claimed

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Iran has not deployed an S-300 long-range air defense system around the Fordow nuclear site as claimed, according to satellite imagery.

Last Sunday, Iranian media showed footage of Iran’s S-300 systems that were delivered by Russia lately. It was reported that the systems had been deployed around Fordow, which was constructed inside a mountain to protect it against aerial attack.

According to analysis, some of the footage could be taken at the Fordow area, but the shots showing the S-300 components were not.

Satellite imagery of what is believed to be an air defense training base in Tehran’s eastern outskirts on 20 and 26 August showed two S-300 batteries, each with four TELs and a 30N6 engagement radar. They were supported by a single 64N6.

All the TELs were deployed in battery formations on 20 August, but by 26 August one had been moved close to the 64N6 so that the two components were aligned in the same way as those seen in the Iranian television footage. A water tower seen behind the S-300 components in the footage also matched one just to the east of the air defense base in Tehran.

–reported by IHS Jane’s 360–