US and Russia both claiming to have killed ISIS’ second man in charge

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After an American defense official told Reuters that the US targeted ISIS’ second man in charge Abu Muhammed al-Adnani in a strike on Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on Wednesday that the killing of the ISIS  figure was the result of an airstrike conducted by a Russian Su-34 bomber.

The death of al-Adnani in Aleppo’s Al-Bab was earlier confirmed by the terrorist organization itself.

The Russian MoD added that a Russian Air Force Su-34 targeted a group of ISIS fighters numbering about 40 people in the area of Maarat Umm Hawsh on Tuesday, Al-Adnani is believed to be among those who were targeted.

Al-Adnani had a $5 million US Department of State bounty on his head.