The US delivers M1152 Humvee ambulances to Ukraine

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The United States has delivered 5 M1152 Humvees in ambulance configuration to Ukraine, according to the country’s Ministry of Defense. The International Center for Peacemaking and Safety in the Lviv region has take the delivery of the vehicles. A total of 40 M1152 ambulance will be delivered to the Ukrainian.

Ukraine takes deliver of M1152 Humvee ambulances


The M1152 ambulance is set up to operate in isolated military installations and sites, and to respond to medical emergencies in extreme environmental conditions.

The ambulance consists of the standard AM General M1152 chassis equipped with the manufacturer’s standard 2-door cab integrated with an armored ambulance shelter.

The M1152 ambulance is capable of transporting up to 4 patients on stretchers, 6 ambulatory patients, or a combination of stretcher and ambulatory patients. The vehicle is fitted with heating and air conditioning systems, as well as medical oxygen equipment.

Previously, United States has provided 30 M1114 armoured Humvee and 200 non-armoured HumveeM998 to the Ukrainian armed forces.