Germany to boost Puma armored infantry fighting vehicle production from 2017

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Starting from 2017, the German defense manufacturer, Projekt System and Management (PSM) will boost the production of Puma armored infantry fighting vehicles (AIFV) for the German Army, with full rate production of 66 units per year. A total of 350 AIFVs will be produced, after cutting back on the initial order of 405 units.

78 Puma AIFVs plus 5 driver training vehicles have been already delivered to the German Army by August 2016, with another 31 due by the end of the year.

The  remote-controlled turret (RCT) of the AIFV which is capable of day & night firing, is armed with a stabilized dual-feed 30 mm Mauser MK 30-2 cannon, which can also fire air bursting munition (ABM) with a Heckler & Koch 5.56 mm MG4 co-axial machine gun (MG). The is the possibility of replacing the 5.56 mm MG4 with 7.62 mm MG, though.

According to PSM, additional 100 to 200 units could be ordered.