Video: Pro-Turkish fighters advance in northern Syria, as Turkey aims to prevent Kurdish corridor

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Pro-Turkish fighters from different rebel factions kept advancing on Monday, as “Operation Euphrates Shield” continued. This time, Turkey openly admitted that it aims to prevent any Kurdish corridor in northern Syria, after it had initially started the operation under the disguise of ‘cleaning’ it’s bordering areas from ISIS terrorists.

Operation Euphrates Shield map

The pro-Turkish fighters kept advancing with little to no resistance from ISIS, as Kurdish units and their allies were pushed further southwards towards the Sajur river. The lack of resistance from ISIS is something surprising and unusual for a terrorist group that has the tendency to leave IEDs, booby traps, and car bombs as it leaves any area that was previously under its control.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus was quoted as saying that the goal of the operation was to rid the region of ISIS and prevent the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters “from completing an end-to-end corridor” across Syria.

A video posted by Pro-Turkish rebel media on Monday showed fighting to a certain extent, believed to be against the Syrian Democratic Forces.