US Army Stryker armored fighting vehicles complete tests in extreme cold conditions in Alaska

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Earlier this year, a new variant of the Stryker armored fighting vehicle (AFV) for winter use was put into testing at the US Army Cold Regions Test Center. Boasting an upgraded chassis and drivetrain along with a variety of mechanical, electrical, and digital improvements to enhance its performance, the latest Stryker variant was subjected to more than 3,000 miles driving across rugged terrain in extreme cold. Every special feature of the AFV, from its communications suite to the central tire inflation system that adjusts tire pressure as the vehicle is in motion, was scrutinized in sub-tests across the winter.

Although the AFV  resembles the regular Stryker cosmetically, it’s not. The main differences are the larger engine that significantly increases horsepower and torque. Also, the diagnostic capability which integrates sub-systems is much greater. This gives the operators a better awareness of the vehicle’s health and potentially improves situational awareness during the actual mission.

Soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division also took part in the tests. The Soldiers entered and exited all hatches of the vehicle wearing the full complement of armor and Arctic battle dress, ensuring everything in the vehicle could be touched and reached without snagging their bulky gear.

The multi-month test was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.