Iran’s new “Karrar” tank looks awfully like the Russian T-90MS

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The newly-made Iranian Karrar Main Battle Tank (MBT) was unveiled on Iranian Television on Friday. The tank is reported to be fully designed and manufactured in Iran, although its design looks to be very similar to the Russian made T-90MS.

As with most modern MBTs, the Karrar’s seem to protected with explosive reactive armor (ERA), while the rear is fitted with slat armor.

The main gun of the MBT is possibly a 125mm smoothbore gun like that of the Russian T-72 and T-90 tanks, while the machine gun mounted on the turret resembles a 12.7mm.

There has been numerous reports about Russia supplying Iran with T-90s, but the Iranian side expressed desire to have them mass-produced locally. It’s worth noting that currently, Iran cannot purchase offensive weapons under a UN Security Council resolution.

Iran has been trying to upgrade its aging tank fleet for years now. An attempt locally produce the “Zulfiqar” tank was made, but the tank was never mass produced. Currently, the T-72S tank makes up the backbone of the Iranian Army, some of which are produced locally.