AT-802U & Camcopter UAVs reportedly in use in Libya

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According to the Libyan media, AT-802U ‘Armed Tractor’ planes have been deployed to help the Libyan National Army (LNA) fight militias in Benghazi. Reports say that the planes are being operated by crewmen from the UAE.

AT-802U in Libya
AT-802U in Libya

The AT-802U can fly up to 10 hours with a load of 4 tons. The plane can drop unguided bombs such as the Mk-82, or fire laser-guided missiles. The UAE operated them until November 2015 when they were replaced by the first three of 24 Archangels on order from Iomax. Afterward, 6 planes were transferred to Jordan, and 3 to the Yemeni Pro-Hadi forces.

The AT-802U has yet to be seen flying a bombing mission in Libyan skies.

Camcopter UAVs

The Camcopter UAV has been already spotted flying over Benghazi. The source of these drones is believed to be the UAE as well, which has transferred a number of them to General Haftar’s forces.  The Camcopter is an Austrian-made surveillance and reconnaissance drone that uses a rotorcraft design. This enables it to take of vertically like a helicopter, minimizing the need for runways.

Camcopter UAV over Benghazi
Camcopter UAV over Benghazi