Indonesia takes delivery of RM-70 Vampir MRLS

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Nine RM-70 Vampir 122mm MLR systems were delivered to the Indonesian Armed Forces. The Vampir is an upgraded version of the Czech RM-70, which can be described as the Czech version of the well-known Russian BM-21 Grad. The upgrades were carried out by the Czech company, Excalibur Army.

Indonesia had already acquired nine second-hand RM-70s in 2003. Those ones were installed on Tatra T-813 chassis, whereas the new delivery utilizes a Tatra T-815-7 platform.

Indonesian RM-70 on Tatra T-813 chasis
Indonesian RM-70 on Tatra T-813 chasis

Unlike the Russian version, the Vampir has 40 rockets placed on standby in the loading mechanism of the rocket launcher, so the immediate firing capacity is 80 rockets.

Indonesia plans to purchase a total of 36 RM-70 Vampir 122mm MLRS.