Syrian Air Force reported to receive new Su-24M2 bombers

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The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) will receive 10 brand new russian Su-24M2 front line bombers. The M2 is an upgraded variant of the original Su-24. Two jets have been already delivered.

Overall, around 400 Su-24Ms were upgraded to M2 standard with navigation and weapons systems that enable launching Kh-29 and other guided munitions. The upgrade also includes a Sv-24 computer, liquid crystal display, ILS-31 head up display, digital moving map and global positioning system.

The SyAAF is already an operator of Su-24MKs initially received from the Soviet Union, in addition to one Su-24MR received from Libya. Su-24MKs were Upgraded to Su-24M2 between 2009 and 2013, it is unclear though if all jets in SyAAF’s arsenal were upgraded to the M2 variant.

In 2010, the Russian Air Force started replacing its Su-24 fleet with fresh deliveries of Su-35 jets.