A new variant of Mi-28 attack helicopter spotted in Moscow

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The NM variant of Russia’s Mi-28 attack helicopter was spotted at Mil helicopter plant in Moscow.

Mi-28NM  has been in development since 2008. specific characteristics are not yet fully known. The Mi-28MN may include a new low radar signature, extended range, advanced weapons control systems, air-to-air engagement capability, and increased top speed of 600 km/h (370 mph).

Recent reports indicate the Mi-28NM has a new helmet imaging and targeting system which has been designed to display all the necessary visual information and for aiming at targets in any field of view.

The helicopter has a new sighting and navigation complex, which includes a control system for landing in dense fog and at night. The systems will be installed for dual control.

The earlier variants of the Mi-28 have been extensively used in Iraq and Syria.

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