Dilemma surrounds India’s Mig-29Ks

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The Indian Navy has reported problems with the recently acquired Mig-29K jets from Russia. According to the Navy, RSK-Mig did not comply with the promised contractual documents and thus delivered jets that do not incorporate all features.

The Indian personnel who have visited the flight training at the Goa airbase report that the jets have been delivered in substandard configuration, and that they are being ‘brought up to spec’ while in service.

As the Mig-29Ks being delivered to India contain Western components, the problem lies in the weapons embargo imposed on Russia by the West. Russia is unable to acquire the necessary parts for the jets, and thus they are being imported directly by India and being inttegrated.

The MiG-29K for India differs from the MiG-29KR aircraft being built for the Russian Navy (VMF) in that the Indian-produced and foreign-made components are deleted in the configuration of the latter aircraft and replaced by Russian-made systems.

The Mig-29Ks have been ordered specifically for the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (formerly known as Admiral Grushkov). The INS Vikramaditya is expected to carry 24 Mig-29Ks.