Azerbaijan claims to be producing armed drone

Armenia developing suicide, armed drones

At a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Defense Industry announced that the domestic arms industry will be able to supply armed drones to its armed forces in the near future.

“Testing of the unmanned aerial vehicle ‘Zarba,’ created by your [President Ilham Aliev] on short notice, has been successful, and in the near future the device will be handed over to the armed forces,” Jamalov said.

The UAV’s of the Azerbaijani Army are mostly Israeli-made.  During April’s heavy fighting with ethnic Armenian forces in the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan deployed Israeli Harop “kamizake drones,” which are themselves the bomb. Armenia also operates a line of domestically produced surveillance UAVs such as the “Krunk”, and the “X-55.”

In addition to armed drones, Azerbaijan’s defense industry is also reportedly working on several other new products including anti-tank missiles and armored vehicles.

The announcement came amid an unprecedented diplomatic push to try to resolve the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.