Lebanese Army expecting T-72 tanks and Kornet missiles

Lebanese Army expecting T-72 tanks and Kornet missiles

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Lebanese ambassador to Russia Shawki Bou Nassar stated that Lebanon has requested Russia to deliver T-72 tanks and Kornet anti-tank guided missiles in the framework of fighting terrorism. The weapons are expected to be received in one year.

The talks are at an advanced stage, Nassar said, noting that the price issue remains to be settled, with Russia agreeing to look into Lebanon’s request for a lower price while Beirut looks into ways of paying for the military equipment.

The ambassador hoped that Russia will also follow up on its previous pledge to supply up to nine helicopters (most likely Mi-24) through a grant.

Lebanon has long been interested in upgrading its main battle tank fleet. Although it received 10 M60A3 tanks from the United States, the army currently relies heavily on Soviet T-54/55 and US-made M48A5 main battle tanks.